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Sugar of India – ICUMSA 45M 30S 30 – White Refined Sugar

Exporter and Supplier of India White Refined Sugar

FARMIMEX is a Prominent Exporter and Supplier of India White Refined Sugar. Our Product Range Comprises of Premium Quality Indian Sugar, Refined Sugar, Granulated Sugar and White Sugar. Sugar Grades based on Crystal Size. We are offering ICUMSA-45 White Refined Sugar, M-30 White Cane Sugar and S-30 White Cane Sugar. FARMIMEX offer ECO Friendly Packing to our esteemed Customers. We offer unadulterated content to the customers and do not compromise on the Quality of the Sugar. We have access to the world best-in-class Sugar Producers to provide a full range of White Sugar qualities with privileged access to a very High Quality Sugar.

India White Sugar Standards & Specifications


White Refined Sugar

Sugar is tested according to a scale of Whiteness. A simplistic way of looking at ICUMSA ratings is to say that the Whiter a Sugar is, the more Refined it is. ICUMSA 45 Sugar is a Sparkling White and Highly Refined Sugar. ICUMSA 45 is Suitable for Human Consumption and Use in a Wide Range of Food Applications. But How Precisely the Whiteness of the Sugar Determined? In order for there to be an International Standard, there needs to be a Replicable Scientific Test to determine the ICUMSA rating of a Sugar where a Colorimeter is used.

Sugar tested according to ICUMSA Standards is usually tested with Light Wavelengths of 420 nm and 560 nm. A Colorimeter is a piece of equipment that determines which Wavelengths of Light are best absorbed by a substance. This is a useful piece of equipment, and a useful testing method because it is the ability of a substance to absorb various Wavelengths of Light that determines its Color. Therefore, if a Sugar is very White and very Refined, it will absorb little Light, something which can be quantified by the Colorimeter.



India Sugar Production in 2017 – 2018 is Expected to be around 25,810,000 Metric Tons

India Sugar Production in 2016 – 2017 – 21,930,000 Metric Tons
India Sugar Production in 2015 – 2016 – 27,385,000 Metric Tons

Origins of Sugar

Sparkling White & White Refined Sugar

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